Vicar's letter


Dear Friends,

As we progress through this challenging year, February feels like a very long time ago now and in many ways like it belongs to an entirely different age.  Yet it is only back in February that my letter to this magazine focused on how St Lawrence Church was going to use 2020 as a starting point towards becoming an Eco-Church. 

With the Covid-19 lockdown and thus the suspension of public worship for many months, we have not had a chance to progress much further with this plan.  Yet, as you will read more about in this issue of the magazine, every year between 1 September – 4 October the worldwide Church marks the Season of Creation, which in this country includes the celebration of Harvest Festival. 

This September then as we move towards our celebration of Harvest at the end of the month, we will be marking this Season of Creation in our worship at St Lawrence.  September’s service of Together in Worship will encourage all of us, but particularly our children, to think about what it means to care for creation and how they can explore this further through the ‘Letters for Creation’ project which is part of this Season of Creation.  I hope then that marking this season will be a way of re-focusing our minds on how we can all work towards becoming an Eco-Church. 

2020 has so far proved to be one of the most challenging and difficult years many of us can remember.  Yet lockdown images of wild flowers emerging once more along the verges of normally busy roads and the significant drop in pollution during this time, shows us all that creation will restore and begin to heal when we commit ourselves to living differently – to living in a way which God intend us to live on this earth.  A way which treats creation as a gift, with gentleness and delight so that both now and in the future, the people of the world can still look at it and see that it is indeed good (Genesis 1: 9-10)

With every blessing,