Vicar's letter

Clergy letter

Dear Friends,

Last Wednesday morning I had the great pleasure of going along to our village school and attending the Robin class play ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’  This was a brilliant production.  The whole cast was superb, with some great singing and dancing, very funny one liners (including a Vicar joke!) and some wonderful solo singing. 

The whole morning was very enjoyable but also in many ways, moving.  Many of the children in Robin Class are in year six and so leaving the school this week.  At the end of the play and unbeknown to them, a slideshow of photos from their years at the school played on the big screen.  As we watched pictures of them as 5 year olds in a nativity play give way to pictures of the tall, confident children of year six, it was a real reminder of just how long most of them had been at the school and how they had grown and developed as a result.  As the photographs continued to appear, there was much laughter, but also a real sense of poignancy from not only the year six pupils but also the gathered staff.  Everyone, myself included, was reminded of the plethora of emotions that you can experience at this end of the school year both as a child, teacher and parent; excitement that the holidays are here, gratefulness to the staff and pupils who have worked so very hard, but also sadness that children and staff are moving on – even if they are very ready to do so.  And these emotions and sentiments will no doubt be further expressed in the School’s leavers service which takes place in church on the final day of term as we, alongside other things, pray for all those who are leaving.

There is then no doubt that our year six pupils are ready and excited about moving on to their new schools.  Yet saying goodbye is never easy.  You know that it has to happen and yet a big part of you may want to stay put in your familiar environment.  That said, the pupils of year six and all those who are leaving the school this week will always be a part of that community and most importantly part of our church community.  Over the years, they have gathered in the church for many significant services; it is then their church and they will always be members of our church and village community.  Just as one of the central messages of Christianity is that God, through Jesus Christ is always with us – from his birth and then after his death through the power of the resurrection, so we believe that God always walks with us and God’s church is always open to us. 

I hope then you will all join me in wishing our year 6 pupils and all those leaving our primary school the very best in the future.  Let us pray for them as they prepare to move on to new schools.  And may they know that wherever life takes them, their church is always open to them and ready to greet them with open arms – mirroring in that welcome the God who is always with them and with us, the God who is love.

Wishing you every blessing,